6 Necklines for Lehenga Blouse

With the onset of Festive season comes the hassle of wedding season as well. It’s a beautiful mess that all of us love to be a part of, isn’t it? I mean come on, don’t you love all the hassle of shopping, clothes, bling and baubles? However, it might get on to your nerves when you don’t find anything satisfactory for yourself or your designer is not able to replicate what’s there in your mind.

Design of a lehenga is essential but the design of your blouse is equally important. A simple, plain piece of fabric may look insanely pretty if it’s designed and then styles well. So, now that you have finalised your lehenga, what about the design of the blouse. Here we are presenting a few latest and super adorable necklines that you may go for.

  1. Sweet Heart Neck

-The all-time most favourite amongst women and quite popular with brides for the last couple of years, Sweet Heart neckline not only accentuates our assets but also give a nice neckline for jewellery to look pretty. It looks pretty on women of all sizes and ages alike.

  1. Sabyasachi Latest

-In his latest range of winter collection and also in the spring collection, Sabyasachi has experimented a lot with the neckline. Sweet Heart and U used to be his constant but from zero to deep necklines Sabyasachi has presented a wide range of blouse designs that is different from the usual mainstream designing.

  1. Deep V

– A Deep V is a hide and seek that you play with your blouse. With everything covered under a lehenga skirt, you are left only with a blouse to play around. Go for a Deep V neck if you are okay with your cleavage showing a little. It doesn’t look absurd, it’s okay to flaunt a little if you are comfortable about it.

  1. Square

One of our favourites, a deep square neckline looks damn pretty on a lehenga blouse. Pair it up with a chocker if you feel, it exposes way too much skin area. It looks pretty on young women especially. Actresses like Alia Bhatt, Sara Ali Khan, Kiara Advani are seen wearing Squar Neckline blouses and kurtas a lot.

  1. Off-shoulder

– Off-shoulder blouses with tassels and capes (as per choice) adds a contemporary touch to an entirely traditional lehenga. Not just the bridesmaids but brides are also, opting for Off-shoulders a lot these days.


  1.  Rough Edge

–  Is mainstream too boring for you? You’ll like a little bit of rough around your neck then. Anushree reddy designs have these uneven neckline, hemlines and dupatta borders with rough edges which have become Anushree ready signature also. These fine details on the edges look pretty and make the design more appealing too.

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