The Right Nightwear can Benefit your Skin and Improve other Health Conditions

Why is it important to wear the right Night suits and at-home outfits especially in the lockdown days?

Fashion is not only about styling, dressing up for the occasion, sporting designer wear and keeping a tab on what’s in vogue. Fashion is the art and science of clothes and garms. There’s much more to it than just great design, latest trend, oh this and oh that. We’ll be discussing one most important aspect of our everyday fashion in the next 5 min i.e. at-home wear.

Why having a good sleepwear wardrobe is essential?

If you don’t follow the concept of sleepwear then you aren’t alone in the world friend. People don’t consider having a separate nightwear collection, which is wrong.

Can you imagine wearing a date dress for the office, a formal outfit to a party or an evening gown to a religious ceremony? Exactly, every type of outfit has its own mood, for a good night’s sleep it’s important to have great sleepwear.

Fabric like silk and cotton are not only good for the skin but also helps you with allergies and health conditions such as asthma.

Why your work from the home outfit and can’t make for the night time outfit? 

Your everyday joggers can’t fit the role of sleepwear similarly how your formal trousers can’t. Your Skin must breathe well through the fabric, the fit must be comfortable and the outfit must be fresh. This way you not only pamper yourself but also keep illness at bay.

After sweating out the entire day in that comfortable outfit, I agree, going to bed in the same dress is a big naaah. No matter how comfortable your new PJs are, if you have worn it the whole day, you have no idea how much dead skin and lazy sweat you have passed on to it.

We know how lazy these Quarantine days can be so might as well throw on all those new and favourite dresses of yours for daily meeting and video calls and save your silk/cotton PJs for the night.

How to choose the perfect Sleepwear?

We get this question very often. You have to keep just 3 things in mind a) Fabric: Cotton and Silk are the best for nightwear for they are natural fabrics. Avoid synthetic and polyester fabric. Flees and wool are great for winter.

  1. b) Fit:Make sure the fit is not very loose or much fitted. Sleepwear is supposed to be a little loose from the regular everyday wear but way too loose will also make you uncomfortable at night.
  2. c) Feel: Nightwear needs not to be boring and dull. If you pay a little extra attention to prints, embroidery or other details, the feel-good factor also improves the sleep.

While we are all locked down inside our homes, we anyway have limited options to entertain ourselves. Dressing up for work and the bed might add a new hobby in your routine, and a good one.

Do let us know if you would like to read more such informative blogs by us. Our team of experts will keep feeding you with the enriching information.

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