Tips On How to Plan a Flawless Trousseau for Your Wedding

Wedding is not a one-day affair that you plan, execute, enjoy and exhaust the next day. Not for brides at least, especially Indian brides. Brides put in their years of planning to decide each and every aspect of the wedding. One of the essential aspects is trousseau planning. 

First of all, it’s essential to understand that Trousseau doesn’t only mean the D-day ensemble of the bride or what she’s gonna wear at the other functions. It’s definitely much more than that. It’s something that’ll become part of her journey. It consists of priceless heirlooms and inheritance. 

Trousseau styling can be taxing and exhausting for brides-to-be. Every bride wants her dream look to come alive as she imagined for all her wedding functions but sometimes she isn’t sure about the colour, pattern or matching accessories. Let’s simplify your hassle and tell you how to go about trousseau planning. 

  1. Make a Pinterest board of your favourite outfits 

    This may seem a little off but it helps. You’ll get a plethora of options on Pinterest that also helps you get a fair idea about what you like, what you don’t and what’s trending. Now, when you are in the store for the real thing you cut a lot of hassle and save time too.

  2. Know Your Body Shape 

    It’s important for every bride-to-be to identify her body shape. There are so many girls who drop their favourite outfit because they feel it doesn’t look nice on them. Never ever judge your body. Outfits are meant to fit your body and not the other way round. You can fit into any sort of outfit if it’s tailor-made for you. We, at Silk and Sparkle, specialise in bespoke outfits. 

  3. Clarity of Themes and Looks 

    It’s important to decide on your wedding theme before you start shopping. If everything else is in the theme and your outfit only looks out of sync that’s not something you’d want, right. Always share the concept behind your theme with your designer and accordingly get your outfit designed.

  4. Sort Your Jewellery and other Accessories 

    Trousseau is not only about sorting the outfits, but also accessories to complete the ensemble. Once your outfits are decided, make sure you have matching jewellery, shoes and clutches.  You may mix and match accessories to re-use but they must complement the outfit. 

  5. Must know about your groom’s likes and outfits 

    Your man matters too. Make sure your outfits complement his on special occasions. If not entirely colour coordinated, the dominant colour or the base colour may remain common. Also, include what his favourite outfits, colours and combinations in your trousseau. 



  6. Try all essential outfits before packing your trousseau 

    Doesn’t matter if all your outfits are custom designed by the same designer, make sure you have done a final trial of at least all the essential outfits. Follow up with your designer for timely trials and delivery of the outfits to avoid the last-minute chaos.

Make sure you follow these six tips to have a hassle-free trousseau planning. Trousseau styling becomes all the more important in these Pandemic times because big fat celebrations are not possible. Therefore, the bride and groom become the only point of attention and your outfits are the only thing glamorous that you can flaunt on social media. Might as well move some extra dollars from decor and catering budget to outfits’ and have an amazing customised bridal dress for yourself. After all, it’s your day.


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