Top 10 Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride

What is a wedding? Is it just a ceremony? Or just making a bond between two people? Both of the answers are incomplete. Indian weddings are known for there style, grandeur, tradition and magnificence It is not just a ceremony or a ritual to bond two people. A wedding is a ceremony performed in the presence of all the close ones to bond two souls forever into an unbreakable bond that is blessed by the people and also almighty Lord. Whether be the bride or the groom, the day of their wedding is one of the most important day in their life. The people bonding together, especially the bride, are the center of attraction for all on the wedding day. The dress that a bride wears, the make-up that she puts on, the accessories that she uses to enhance her beauty is noted by each and every person present in the ceremony. This is the day when she has to look the prettiest of all.

So, here I am suggesting Top 10 wedding dresses that will help a bride to choose the dress according to the theme or the type of wedding:

  1. Designer Wedding Dress

Designers have been working so hard to make the bridal dresses as they want the brides to feel the supreme beauty on the day of their wedding.

  1. Colorful Wedding

A wedding is such an occasion that it adds colors to many people’s life, especially the bride and the groom and their families. So, choosing a colorful dress according to the theme would not be a bad idea on such occasion for the bride.

  1. Floral Theme

Flowers are the beauty of nature. Same is the bride for the family whom she will be scenting with her charm and wisdom. Choosing a floral dress for the wedding day would add on to her charm for all the needful reasons.

  1. Traditional Indian Wedding

The Indian wedding style is not only famous in India but is famous throughout the world. The traditions that are followed in the Indian weddings are beautiful and has a deep meaning for each ritual. Traditional Indian wedding dress looks very pretty on the bride and adds on to the grace of the face that she has on her wedding day.


  1. Punjabi Style Wedding

Punjabi are famous throughout the world. Whether be Canada or Asia, the aura of friendship that Punjabi families spread throughout is amazing Punjabi suits are the traditional attire of the bride. Usually, a beautiful red heavy Punjabi suit is preferred by a Punjabi bride on her wedding.

  1. Fusion Theme Wedding

Fusion is the mixture of Indian and western culture. Fusion dresses are available in the market exclusively designed for the bride for the purpose of wedding.

  1. Hot Theme Wedding

Every bride loves to be center of attraction for her wedding day. A hot beautiful dress adds on to a girl’s beauty and also attracts the attention of the people.

  1. Jodha Theme Wedding

Jodha was the bride of Akbar, a king whose wisdom is renowned in the history of India. It is said that Jodha was the prettiest woman of her time and the dress that she wore on her wedding day, made her look indescribable. The same wedding dress forms are available to help the bride in adding to her beauty.

  1. Lehanga Theme Wedding

Lehanga is an Indian attire which is commonly chosen by the brides on their wedding day or intimate occasions. This is because, besides the look it imparts to the bride, it also imparts a sensuous quality and makes the bride look amazing and is also easy to wear.

  1. Unique Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look different and unique and exceptionally beautiful on the day of her wedding. So, to help the bride, many such dresses are available in the market.
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