Create 7 different looks with one saree – Go Chic in 2021

Saree is the most traditional piece of garment that is timeless. It is the first and the most popular choice amongst women for weddings and other traditional functions. All hail to its popularity, designers and fashion influences have introduced new styles of draping sarees, adding a modern touch. 

From red carpet events to fashion runways, experimenting with sarees has become a new fad. Bollywood celebrities and new age brides are at the forefront of the trend. Here we are sharing easy-breezy saree styles that you can experiment with and create multiple looks with one piece of garment.  

  • Butterfly Style

The simplest of all the drawing styles, Butterfly draping is much like the traditional way. The Pallu is pleated in small sections and pinned at the shoulder and extra attention is paid to the fitting. It makes you look slimmer and elegant. 

  • Pant Style Saree

The most comfortable style for sure. You don’t need to worry about the loosening drawstrings of the inner lining or the drape falling apart. Just put on a pair of well-fitted pants, tuck in the pleated end of the saree and wrap around the rest to make a pallu. You may use a belt or Kamar band as an added element. 

  • Dhoti Style Drapes

It’s been in trends for quite some time now. Popularised by brides, now so many women are opting for this style. Although it’s called Dhoti-style, it’s more graceful than a regular dhoti. 

  • Mumtaz Saree

Legendary Bollywood actress, Mumtaz popularised a wrap-around style of saree that looks amazingly gorgeous. Easy to drape and carry, this style accentuates the curves so beautifully. 

  • Voluminous Skirt Drape

This look is created the best with a silk or a handloom saree. Just wear a skirt or pants underneath and drape the two-third of the saree in a single wrap around. You may either pleat and tuck at the back or pleat throughout to give it a skirt or a lehenga look.

  • Belt it!

Belts are the newest obsession! From traditional wears to western dresses, they go with everything. Designers are using them unabashedly in their latest collections as a prime accessory. Irrespective of the draping style you are going for, belts will do full justice to your saree look. 

  • Front Pallu

Front pallu is not something new, traditional Gujarati sarees are worn with a pallu falling on the front. However, Bollywood divas to the likes of Janhvi Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have modernised the front pallu with a sexy twist. We just love this casual and sassy saree style. 

These are some of our favourite saree draping styles. We’d love to see you guys trying them or some of your favourite styles that we haven’t mentioned here. Share your pictures with us on our social media and we’d love to share them with our Social Media Fam. 

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