The Most Interesting Trends That Will Redefine Fashion Post Lockdown

The best aspect of fashion is that it keeps evolving. It’s never constant. The only thing that remains constant is the style which is very subjective.

When a crisis hits the country, region or the world for that matter, it has its impact and it changes almost everything. People learn, adapt, evolve and move forward. The world of fashion also adapts a lot. Even in the past be it that surgical masks after Spanish Influenza in 1918 or the reuse of fabric in the 1940s after World War II.

The Season of Celebration

After Challenging times comes Celebrations. It’ll be a moment to rejoice the much-deserved opening air free of fear and viruses. Coming out of the dark and dreary period, people are gonna celebrate colours. No matter what the season be around any part of the world, every season will have only one theme and that will be ‘colours’.

Fashion is the extension of any celebration. It will be an extension of this one as well.

The Charm of Traditions and Old School Fashion will be Back

More and more people are gonna shift to traditional fabric, work and fashion. Indigenous fashion will see the next level boom. Not only fashion consumers but also fashion designers and merchandisers are going to promote the same.

Fast Fashion will Move at a Slower Pace. 

The culture of fast fashion will get a little slower for a while because people are going to invest more in sustainable fashion. Lockdown has not only hit people’s health but also paralysed people’s wallets.

Work from home will become a corporate lifestyle. Gatherings will be limited to a few dear ones. Celebrations will be about comfort and close ones. What do you think all this is going to lead to?

Matching Masks will be a Thing

Forget about surgical masks and n95 masks, matching masks have set the fashion bars really very high. Not only for regular, everyday fashion but also on on special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties people are gonna practice social distancing and cover faces. All the wedding happening during the lockdown are having one common theme that masquerades.

A lot is gonna change after the lockdown is lifted and we all have to be prepared of it. Our lives won’t be the same, our lifestyle and our perspective will also change. We can’t be sure how it’s going to treat us or how well are we going to receive it, but one thing is for sure we will have to learn to live with it.

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