How to Shop for Your BFF’s Wedding

Is your best friend getting married?  Are you excited yet worried about it all? Well, that’s absolutely normal. If your friend is from subcontinent or India to be precise, you have a lot to take care of than usual stuff. Unlike Western weddings Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi weddings are a 3-4 days affair with 4-5 functions. Styling a different look for every function can be a task considering the fact that most of these ceremonies are traditional and there are gonna be hundreds of  people attending the function and you have to stand out from the crowd (afteral you are bride’s best friend).

Most of the girls ask us, how they should shop for an Indian wedding without splurging much. So, we thought of covering this crucial question in this week’s blog. So here’s how you should divide or budget your money.

  1. Make a list of functions first

Every wedding is differently programmed, firstly make a list of the function so that you have a clear idea how many and what all ceremonies are gonna happen. Now prioritize the functions for example wedding is more important that cocktail and mehendi is a bigger function than haldi.

  1. Always start with what you already have

Now dig in to your wardrobe find out a few outfits that you haven’t worn much and can be used for lesser important functions like chooda, ladies sangeet, etc.

  1. Mix and Match to Save those extra bucks

Sometimes it’s wiser to mix and match the outfits that you already have to make a new one. If one of your old lehengas has a very pretty skirt but blouse is not that cool, you can get a fancy blouse customized along with a matching dupatta. Voila! A brand new dress is ready and you saved almost half of the amount that you can invest in another outfit.

  1. Invest the most in the wedding outfit

Keep a bigger chunk of your budget for the wedding ceremony. Apparently, the wedding ceremony is gonna be the biggest of them all. By saving a few dollars by above mentioned means you can in fact, get a bespoke traditional outfit designed for yourself. Customized fit, fabric and feel!

  1. You can’t underestimate Cocktail & Mehendi

Cocktail & mehendi are important functions, yes, they are not as significant as the wedding but they are the ones where you enjoy the most, meet maximum number of people and get clicked the most. Pick a pretty western gown for cocktail and traditional outfit for mehendi. You may keep a comparatively bigger budget for your cocktail outfit and a smaller budget for mehendi because for mehendi more than the work, the colours of the dress has to be richer. For mehendi you may keep your dress lighter and jewellery heavy.

We always get such queries from young girls and we always advice them what’s the best for them. We help them mix and match with their older outfits and customize their new half of the outfits along with customizing their outfit for the most important functions. Silk and sparkle is renowned for its genuine services and trust that our client’s lay in us.

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