Secret Sauce to the Head Turning Outfit

The time of the year is here. Everybody around is getting married. Facebook has become more of a marriage news portal than a social networking platform, right? Is your BFF or a dear cousin is getting married too?  Well, then there’s hell lot of work and responsibilities are going to flow your way. You’ll also have a small fan base at the wedding other than bride’s of course, make sure you own it. You carry that head turning look and style that leaves a lasting impression in every-single-body’s mind.

Many girls will suggest you what to wear and what not to but that we leave up to you completely. Here we are not suggesting you the best outfits that are perfect for you. We’re giving you 5 magical elements that can make any outfit stand out in the most gleaming party. Check them out.

  1. Wear Sequins the right way

    Sequins look beautiful. A little bit of shimmer and shine can make anything do the talking but again how and where it’s used makes all the difference. Sequins on a lehenga skirts will look nice, but sequins on blouse will make those heads turn. All sequins blouse with noodle strap or very deep back will make the simplest of lehenga skirts stand out.

  1. Play with Neon Palette

    Neon colours haven’t gotten their complete appreciation in the traditional wear category. They are associated more with sporty and hard core party fashion. With Big Shot designers like Sabyasachi and celebs like Alia Bhatt are opting for Neons in Indian wear too. They don’t just look different they also make your bold personality come shine and shimmer amidst mainstream fashion.

  1. Trailin’ is Amazin’

    ‘I don’t like Trails’, said no girl ever. Women love trail and secretly guys too. Trails look gorgeous. Too long trails will start annoying you and other too after a few moments for sure but small extensions will not. They add length to your posture and accentuate grace.Not only in gowns and western Dresses trails look absolutely gorgeous in Indian traditional wear too.

  1. Fusion of Styles

    If you are bored of usual stuff and want to wear something absolutely different that would not only make guys and girls of your age turning their heads but old and young too, then fusion is your way to go. Peplum blouse with a traditional lehenga skirts, pants style suit or mix and match of two completely different families of fashion will help you get there where to want to reach. For that you definitely need expert assistance because that’s a make it or break it sort of call. Silk and Sparkle will assist you with professional help and also customize what best suits your personality.

  1. Jewellery is Essential Too

    In the hassle of finding the right outfits for so many functions and ceremonies, girls usually end up giving a little or no time to jewellery. No, that’s absolutely wrong. Many a time your jewellery saves your outfit or complements it the right way. Make sure you find the right match for your outfits.

This is what we have for you. Come visit our store and spend some time with us to have an elaborate discussion on the same. Get your customized outfit designed and do not compromise on your dream outfit that you have in your mind.

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