Traditional Bridal Outfits from across the World

No matter which part of the world you come from, weddings are a big celebration across the globe. Every community, tribe or country has a unique culture that reflects in their wedding ceremonies and rituals. This blog is a compilation of bridal outfits from across the globe. We hope you enjoy reading it as much we enjoyed it writing.

Australian Bride

The elegant white wedding dress is the classic choice of any Australian bride. However, brides these days are opting for various other colours but traditional Whites Gown till date remains the favourite amongst most of the brides.

Kiwi Bride – New Zealand

Curch weddings are the traditional style of getting married in New Zealand like many other communities across the world. Brides Wear a classic White gown that symbolises joy, happiness and love. However, Maori brides wear a fancy cloak over the gown that is their traditional mark.

Chinese Bride

Chinese brides wear a red gown/dress called Qipao on their wedding. The colour red signifies happiness, prosperity and good luck according to Chinese culture. The face is covered in a veil and they wear a pretty headgear too.

Indian Bride

Traditionally, brides in India wear a red lehenga on their wedding day, but modern brides are experimenting with different colours. India is culturally so diverse that every state, every community has a different traditional bridal outfit, but lehenga and saree are what most brides prefer.

Filipino Bride

The traditional bridal dress of Philippines is Filipiniana. It’s very similar to the white gown, only sleeves at the shoulder are broad like wings. Although modern Filipino brides are opting for whites gown these days, Filipiniana has its demand and popularity intact.

Vietnamese Bride

In Vietnamese Traditional wedding both the bride and the groom wear their traditional dress called Ao Dai with a big round headgear called khan dong. Ao Dai has a well-fitted bodice and flared silhouette below the waist. It is worn with a pair of pants underneath.

Lebanese Bride

Lebanese brides have set a bar for themselves when it comes to bridal dresses. Sheer veils and long trails are their favourites. Beautiful traditional white gowns with truckloads of elegance and charm, Lebanese brides make the best brides unflinchingly.

Zulu Brides- South Africa

The traditional Zulu wedding dress represents the roots of the Zulu tribe of South Africa that forms the largest ethnic group in the region. Traditional brides wear Isidwaba – the leather skirt, Isicwaya – animal skin to cover the top and Inkheli – a hat. However, modern brides are now opting more colourful gowns that have a hint of Zulu touch.

Malaysian Bride

Brides of Malaysia wear a beautifully embellished outfit called Baju Kurung, a long-sleeved blouse paired up with a matching sarong. The headscarf worn by them is called Tudung along with a fancy shawl that covers Tudung. Although there is no specific colour, brides prefer lighter shades such as white, ivory, pastel, beige, etc. for their wedding dress.

Afghan Bride

Brides of Afghanistan epitomise beauty and elegance in every sense. Followers of Isam consider Green colour holy therefore brides wear a green dress on their wedding day. Afghan brides wear an embellished Anarkali with a dupatta covering the head. However, modern afghan brides are experimenting with colours and going for red, maroon and other similar colours.

Scottish Bride

Scottish bridal wear is incomplete without a touch of tartan. Traditionally brides used to wear a tartan skirt and a scarf along with a white top. However, with time the outfits evolved into white gowns and tartan sash or a cape. Some brides incorporate it in their wedding dress itself, some wear shoes made of tartan fabric, and some wear it as a badge.

Sri Lankan Bride

The traditional bridal dress for Sri Lankan brides is a saree. Brides wear heavily adorned saree in the shades of golden, white and ivory. Jewellery plays a significant role in Srilankan weddings and bides wear accessories generously.


Pakistani brides wear sharara kurta or lehenga at their weddings. They are the traditional bridal outfits considering the region they belong to. But one thing common in the bridal outfits from all part of the country – the richness. The bride and groom wear embellished outfits with dupattas to complete the look.

American Bride

Brides of the USA wear traditional White Gown to their weddings. Trailing gowns or the gowns with a flared silhouette are becoming more popular amongst modern brides. The American bridal outfit is incomplete without a sheer veil.

These are some of our personal favourite bridal costumes from across the world. We hope you liked our compilation of these traditional wedding outfits for brides from different parts of the world. Tell us in the comments what you think about them and do not forget to mention your favourite bridal attire.

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