5 Ways to Look Slimmer in Lehengas

Be it any traditional saree or lehenga choli, they all amazingly carve out females’ best of narrowest curves. Women tend to go with designer lehengas as their favorite classic choice.

So if you are looking for some quick adaptable tips to look slim and trim in these ravishing lehengas for any occasion, then your search stops here.

Darker the better

Dark solid colors give the illusion of making you look slimmer as compare to light shades. If black is not an option, you can consider shades like maroon or oxblood.



Sleeves and the necklines matter a lot when you are trying to get that slimmer look. Make sure you have an elbow-length-sleeved or a full-sleeved blouse to make your arms look a whole lot leaner. Expose a bit with a V-neckline. What happens with that is that the open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.

Light Embellishment & Work Patterns

Heavy embellishments add volume to your outfit, which in turn makes you look heavier. A lehenga with motifs all over or one with narrow borders would be a perfect pick for you.

Tying It on High Waist

The part right under the ribs and above the tummy is the most flattering spot to wear the lehenga, as it is the slimmest part of your torso. Tying the lehenga to show off this part rather than under the belly is going to instantly make you look slimmer!

Dupattas Plays a Special Role

Draping your dupatta in a way that doesn’t compliment the design of the lehenga and choli would be a grave mistake. Draping it in a way that makes it unmanageable is also a bad idea. Moreover, you need to pick latest draping styles that would suit your body type, dress, and occasion.

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