Don’t Size Your Love For Fashion

Fashion is not a hobby, it’s not a job, it’s not a religion either but still people practice, preach and follow fashion avidly. There are various stereotypes attached to fashion and the biggest of them all is ‘fashion is for skinny souls’. People who buy such claims aren’t the true fashion preachers whatsoever. Fashion can’t be so definite, neither does it cater to a specific chunk of people. It’s for one and all – whoever wants to be a part of it or wants fashion to be a part of them.

Being overweight doesn’t mean that fashion is not for you. Has it ever happened to you that you saw a dress on a mannequin at store and couldn’t help yourself getting attracted towards it? If you are familiar with that pull then my friend-fashion is for you more than anybody else irrespective of your size. All you gotta do is, understand your body and body type whether you are a pear shape lady, apple, time glass or athletic body. Nobody is perfect, no body is perfect so you have to dress up to flatter your body to accentuate the best and cover the flawed.

Here’re a few tips and tricks to make fashion do the talking for you:

  1. Dark Colours Hide While Light Colours HighlightYour half a battle is fought by the colours themselves. Not just black, any darker colour will make your look slimmer and lighter colours will enhance your silhouette. If you are pear shape – you may wear darker bottoms and lighter top, or may wear a darker dress and light coloured belt so that entire attention is drawn by the belt and the dress takes care of your silhouette.

  2. Big Prints Make you Look BiggerWell, big flower prints or bigger patches of prints make the person look fuller whereas small prints or solids will not. Yes, there may be exception to this logic but on the fundamental grounds avoid bigger prints and go for finer ones instead.

  3. Ruffles and Stripes to enhance certain portionsRuffles look pretty, girls love frills and ruffles but are you wearing them right? Ruffles draw attention and they highlight the feature of the body where they fall. That is why it is advised to not wear ruffles around the neckline or the upper body if you have heavier bust. Same goes with stripes, strips enhances the area where they appear on the dress therefore you need to understand where and how to wear them.

  1. Pay Extra attention to the fabricNot every fabric is for everyone. If chiffon makes you look leaner then cotton makes you look fuller. You fall for a dress at first sight but don’t vouch for it before trying it on. The same cut and fit may look completely different on you.

  1. The Right Cut and FitAn ill fitted dress is nobody’s best friend doesn’t matter how expensive it is and always remember the same dress if look amazing on someone might not look as cool because the fit didn’t flatter your body. For example – you must avoid tight fitted skirts if you are heavier on hips and go for A-line instead. Once you start paying attention to the cuts and fits, you’ll understand the nuances on your own without any help from the experts.


  1. Customise Your Outfit
    If we go on talking about every body type, the blog won’t end in a day. There’s nothing that can match the perfection of a tailored outfit. We are always in favour of a bespoke outfit, the designer would give you the everything as per your body type especially when you are venturing into the high end occasion specific outfits . The right neckline, the right cut and the right fabric that accentuates all your beautiful features.

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